5 Steps to an Awesome Party


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Choose a Theme

It can be simple, anything from glitter glam to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This sets the tone for your party. Is it formal? Costume? A backyard event? Choosing a theme helps you prepare and lets your guests know what to expect at your awesome event.

If you’re doing a seasonal party, don’t just choose the holiday or season as your theme. I’d much rather attend a “Winter Wonderland” or “Santa’s Workshop” party than just another Christmas gathering. Plus, having a specific theme can help you with the details of the planning. Hmmm, which invite should I use? Consult theme. What activities should I plan? Consult theme. What food should I prepare? See above.

Plan Ahead

Party day is so much more fun when you can be involved with your activities, mingle with your guests, and EAT THE FOOD! So, plan ahead. If possible, have everything complete 2-7 days before the party (depending on the number of guests attending). Cake made and frozen. Presents wrapped. Food prepared. Activities put together. This will make it so much easier to spend the day with your party honoree (child, spouse, friend…) and have a memorable day in addition to an awesome party!

Go here to download my free party planning printable to organize for the big day!

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Get Inspired

Some of my best party moments evolved from someone else’s great idea. Go online, look through magazines, talk to other people and find ideas you love. Then make them work for your party! Pin it, like it, share it! And don’t be afraid to get creative. Just because balloons are generally used for birthday/New Years type celebrations doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them for a Thanksgiving gathering.


via Pantone Pearl

Get Creative with Party Favors

This is a perfect opportunity to make your event memorable, to incorporate your theme, and to thank your guests for participating! Pinterest and Instagram are the perfect place to brainstorm favor ideas, but you can also use party activities to have guests make and take home their own custom favor (ie. a stenciled mug for your barista, water gun from your pool party, etc.)

Enlist Help

Whether its taking pictures, heading up activities, or throwing up the decorations the day of, enlist help. Choose friends or family who might otherwise not be engaged at your party – older siblings, parents of the attendees – especially if you are planning activities for a specific age group or gender.

Above all, enjoy the process and get creative! There is no high quite like planning and throwing an awesome party!


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